Another terrifying and humungous number, another blog post! Not long left on the kickstarter so if you are somehow reading this a) before it is over and b) without having come here from the page in the first place, have a look!!!!

What Actually Are Feelies?

I’ve had more than a few questions about the feelies, so I thought I would try to give you a clearer idea of the things I have planned. The feelies will NOT be neccessary to play the game – they’re an optional extra which serve to give you a deeper look into the world of post nuclear Strathclyde. I grew up on Amiga games like Monkey Island, which used the incredible Dial-A-Pirate for anti-piracy (how ironic ho ho ho), and infocom adventures like the borderline unplayably difficult Hitchikers Guide. The “Microscopic Space Fleet” (an empty poly bag) left an INDELIBLE mark on my psyche – and here I am 20 odd years later putting feelies in my own game. They are meant to be a fun little extra!

With all that said, here is a list of SOME (not all!) of the items which will be included in the feelies pack!

  • Two or three postcards – Probably all in universe, maybe just a dead air one if people want that 🙂
A draft of one of the postcards – this one is from before the bombs, other designs are from after!
  • a wasteland take away menu with jokes SO crap I’ve blurred them out here so you have to buy the game to shout at me about how crap they are:
if those are the two I left unblurred IMAGINE how crap the other jokes must be
  • Wasteland paper letter – during the process of writing this game I’ve gotten really interested in what materials people would use when resources are scarce and manufacturing is gone. This letter from a wasteland listener comes on recycled, nasty, horrible paper, home made right here in my flat where my flatmates are THRILLED I am making this much mess!
  • stickers, naturally
  • blank printables – we passed that stretch goal what feels like a lifetime ago! The printables will be available online as a download for all players, but feelies gang get a few copies to get them going right away 🙂
  • A seperate copy of the 2 page spead map from the zine – here’s a wee glimpse of the WIP file…
Every time I look at that wee beast I laugh
  • A Ministry of Broadcast Communications pencil for writing down requisition requests for more diesel and memos reminding staff to shut the door in case bears get in again
  • A letter from The Powers That Be direct from my ACTUAL DOT MATRIX PRINTER I BOUGHT JUST TO DO THIS (do not tell my wife this is why I bought it)
  • A few more Secret Things!

Collectors Edition

I want to make sure that early backers who supported the project get the recognition they deserve – for that reason there’s a few bits and pieces exclusive to that edition. The two I’ll tell you about right now are:

  • The Scavenged Wasteland Cards – this has turned into a Very Big Job, I have bought basically every loose deck of playing cards in the UK!!! The cards have not been run over yet but I have a VERY cool idea in mind regarding that, so I’ll make a whole blog post about it. My house is full of old playing cards. Help
  • A wasteland runner’s notepad – when you send your runners out to gather news it is wise not to rely on their memory – who knows how much lead they’ve eaten lately. These notepads make sure you get the fact direct from the public/feudal lord/thing. These will be small, made from the same wasteland paper as the letter, and in my opinion pretty cool!!!

There are a couple of other exclusive items for the collectors tier, but I can’t post about them until I’m certain about some supply chain things.

Hopefully this has been helpful, I’m really excited about the feelies and it is taking a LOT of self restraint to work on Actual Game Things instead of, I don’t know, a postcard advertising Partick Rat Burgers. If you’ve got any questions about any of this, just let me know! Thanks for reading, stay tuned and stay safe,



  1. I think I missed your Kickstarter by hours! I love the theme. I’ll bookmark your blog in case a chance to get this comes up.
    Congrats on hitting all your stretch goals!!

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